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Attempt to reduce the visual cooldown on item hitting in newer versions than 1.8.

serverside-blockconnections - default: false (Boolean)

In 1.13 Mojang changed block connections to be handled by the server, because of this we need to calculate the connections required for blocks (this includes across chunks), this feature may have performance impact as additional calculations may be required when handling fences, panes, doors etc.

block-connection-method - default: world (String, Either world or packet)

Due to the way block connections work, we offer a packet-level version and a block level version which will use internals in your server to calculate the blocks to connect. It's worth noting that only packet is available on proxy software and the overhead of the packet-level block connections is significantly bigger (more memory and more processing).

reduce-blockstorage-memory - default: false (Boolean)

Due to the overhead of storing blocks we offer the option to reduce this by not storing non-important blocks. When this option is enabled fences, glass panes etc. won't connect to solid blocks.