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  • CraftBukkit / Spigot (or Spigot based fork like Paper) / Sponge / BungeeCord / Velocity
  • File Manager access
  • If you're using it on BungeeCord: If you use BungeeCord ensure it's the latest build.

titleCommon Mistake

If your setup uses a proxy (e.g. BungeeCord/Velocity) you only need to install it on either BungeeCord the proxy or the servers behind the bungee proxy (whether they are Spigot / Sponge etc).

If you choose to use BungeeCord, note that you will not be able to see yourself blocking.



ViaVersion will not work properly if you use a plugin manager and other plugins, please reboot your server. Additionally, make sure to read your startup log in case there are any errors!

titleBungeeCord / Velocity

BungeeCord/Velocity works by detecting the protocol of the sub servers, to read more about configuring this to work better click here.


ViaVersion should work out of the box, in some cases, you might run into a few issues. We have a built-in packet limiter to avoid exploits which from time to time may be tripped, see our configuration page for notes on how to disable this if needed.


/viaversion - Displays the version and avaliable available commands

/viaversion autoteam - Toggles autoteam, a 1.8 feature for stopping colliding.


You may need to disable autoteam if you use a tag plugin like ColoredTags, use /viaver autoteam to disable. Alternatively, you can modify your config.yml.


Our aim is to provide compatibility and balanced gameplay. This is not a feature of ViaVersion nor is it planned.

BungeeCord/Velocity isn't working?!

If you are using our plugin directly on BungeeCord itself/Velocity, it may take a few minutes for ViaVersion to probe your protocols of your subservers, you can read here for more info.

Otherwise ensure your BungeeCord/Velocity is updated.

If you use Title plugins on BungeeCord your proxy try without them, some may be outdated.