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Due to changes in Minecraft in 1.13 nametag colour is based on team colour and not prefix, this fix changes it so it's the last colour from prefix.


suppress-1_13-conversion-errors - default: false (Boolean)

Due to changes in Minecraft in 1.13 some conversion errors may happen with unusual block ids / item ids / biome ids, this will hide warnings we print to the console.

disable-1_13-auto-complete - default: false (Boolean)

1.13 has a new tag complete which may trigger kicked for spam on Spigot, you can disable it completely with this option.

1.9 & 1.10 clients on 1.8 servers options


When an issue happens when sending json, should we forcefully still send it instead of throwing an error? This may cause incorrect json to be sent on rare occasions and disabling it will show the responsible errors.

minimize-cooldown - default: true (Boolean)

Attempt to reduce the visual cooldown on item hitting in newer versions than 1.8.